Pray for Us

We are always in need of prayer support as we minister to the sailors.  These men come from many different cultural and religious backgrounds, and it is our goal to serve them and to present the Gospel to them, when possible, in such a way as to cause them to want to know more.


Supplies Needed for Visiting Ships

Magazines - National Geographic (a favorite), Reader's Digest, new magazines (Time, Newsweek, etc.), devotional materials (Upper Room, Our Daily Bread, Guide Post, etc.), old Bible study/Sunday school literature, cook books/magazines (for the chief cooks). 

Bibles - Bibles and New Testaments in just about any language.

Travel Kits- Assorted travel-sized items in a quart-sized bag.

Blank CD's - We have songs and worship services in several languages that we can burn onto blank CD's to give to the crewmen.  We also have the New Testament or even the full Bible in 34 languages that we can burn to blank CD's to give away.


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