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International Seafarers Ministry

A Ministry of the Charleston Baptist Association
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Christmas Caps for Sailors
Every year on October 1, we begin giving out watch caps to the sailors as Christmas presents.  For many of these men, these caps may be the only Christmas presents they receive.  We have been blessed by the generosity of so many people in the churches of the Charleston Baptist Association, South Carolina, and beyond in knitting or crochetting these caps for the seafarers.  (see below for suggested patterns)
“Dear Friend: A warm Christian greeting to you and your family, hoping all is well during Christmas season. I would like to say thank you very much for the gift you made for us merchant seafarers. My name is Rudy. I am a Filipino seafarer working on a Norwegian ship calling the Port of Charleston each month. I am used to sailing and being away from my family, but Christmas is a very lonely time to be at sea. This is the best Christmas I have had in three years for this is the first time I received a gift. Thank you again for your lovely gift, and may you have a fruitful and promising new year ahead.”  -  A Seafarer, 1999
We went aboard a ship in early January.  We made our way into the mess room of the ship and began giving out the watch caps to the seafarers who were present.  Apparently, one of the men wore his new cap out onto the deck.  This we surmised from the fact that a few minutes into our visit, the entire deck crew stormed into the mess room looking for their caps.  As I handed each of them a cap, they each gave me an ice-cold handshake and thanked me before returning to their posts.  Had anything gone wrong on the deck during those few minutes, they would have all been in trouble for not being at their posts, but the prospect of the warmth from these caps overrode that concern.  The men truly appreciate these gifts.  -  Chaplain, 2007

Some of the Carnival Fantasy crew showing off their Christmas presents - we gave 1000 caps to the cruise ship (12/2012)

Tanzanians showing off their Christmas caps (12/2012)

Crew of the Green Ridge showing off their Christmas presents as they sail through the Persian Gulf (12/26/2009)

How to Help
You can make caps all year round, and then send them to us.  We thank you for your interest in this special Christmas gift project for seafarers who come to the Port of Charleston.  Before you start making a cap, think about who may receive the cap you make.  What do they look like?  Where do they live?  Do they know who Jesus is?  Please individually wrap each cap, including your name and address with each one so that they can write to you if they wish.  Also, please enclose with each cap the Gospel tract in 12 languages entitled “God So Loved.”  You can get this tract from Good News Publishers at or by calling 1-877-872-2871 and requesting Item #663575722717.  The cost is $2.50 for 25 tracts.
Then send the caps to the appropriate address below, or call Christopher Dale at 843-554-6695 to arrange a delivery to the Associational Office.
For UPS or FedEx packages only:
Charleston Baptist Association       International Seafarers Ministry       3625 Azalea Dr.       North Charleston, SC 29405

For U.S. Postal Service letters and packages only:
Charleston Baptist Association       International Seafarers Ministry       P.O. Box 71486       North Charleston, SC 29415
Thank You – and God Bless You!


 Crochet Pattern
Knit Patterns
Using G or H hook, chain 45 to 48 stitches, ch 1, turn.  SC

or SI stitch the last 6 stitches.  This will decrease the top of

the cap so you will not have too much to draw up when you

are finished.  After SC the first 6 stitches, begin pattern.

HDC through the back of each stitch to the end.  CH 3,

turn.  Continue HDC through the back of each stitch until

the cap is the desired size.  To make stripes, do 4 rows of

color 1, cut and tie on color 2, repeat 4 rows; repeat or

add a third color in the same manner.


Using size 10 needles and about 2 oz of yarn, Cast on

72 sts.  Row 1: K2, P2, K2 across line, ending with P2.

Rows 2-6:  Repeat Row 1.  Row 7:  Knit across.  Row 8:

Purl across.  Repeat these 2 rows until hat is 8.5 inches

from the start, ending on a knit row.  On the knit row: K2

together across the row.  Next row:  Purl.  Next row:  K2

together across.  Next row: Purl across.  Next row: K2

together across.  Last row:  Purl across.  Cut a 14 inch

tail of yarn, thread a yarn needle with it.  Carefully pull

the last row of knitting from the needle and thread the

needle through every stitch.  Pull tightly and fasten

securely.  Then sew the seam shut.




Using size 8 needles, Cast on 80 stitches.  Knit 7 - 7.5

inches of K2, P2 rows.  Then decrease row: K2

together, P2 together all the way across.  Then knit

about 1 inch of K1, P1 rows.  Then, K2 together across

the row.  Purl back across.  K2 together across the row.

Cut the yarn leaving about twice the length of the

finished hat.  Weave the tail back through the stitches on

the needle and sew the back seam.  Weave through the


Thanks to Lugene Hammond and the ladies of Langston Baptist Church, Conway, SC for this information.